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Bill Bingham at drama school

No news is good news.

I'd rather test electrical outlets with a butter knife than update this page; it's a boring and laborious process, which takes hours. It's worse even than re-formatting my resume, so if this page is out of date, you know why.    (Scroll down.)

Winter 2020

Night Fever.jpg

Once again, I will have the pleasure of working with my favorite company, JFI Productions, who created Creep LA.  This time, we're doing an exciting new theatre piece, called Night Fever.

Night Fever” is a fully immersive theatrical event set in a 1979 Discotheque similar to the famed Studio 54.  It’s both a high energy dance party and an interactive performance, replete with drugged-up starlets, sultry dance numbers, flowing cocktails, and party monster club kids.

There will be only a few performances each month, and tickets have been selling quickly. 


For tickets and information:


I am overwhelmed to announce that I'm now represented by

Aqua Talent for film and Television.  Aqua is a great agency, and I'm a very lucky guy. 

Summer 2019


I am very pleased that Peter Santana at TBK Media is now my manager.  I've known Peter for more than 25 years.  He's a great guy with a lot of hustle and show business savvy.  I think this will be a giant step for me.

Spring 2019

This is a clever script play with some nimble wordplay and much to say about life, language and finding meaning in our reality.  I love the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and I'm exceptionally lucky to be part of this production.

Summer 2018

I'm happy to announce that I'm now represented commercially by Saint Agency.  I really like those guys and think they've got a lot of hustle.  Once again I must thank Jill Alexander, and all the other agencies I interviewed with.

Spring 2018

I'm very pleased to have been cast in "Snap Honey," which will be part of the Hollywood Fringe  Festival. It's a quirky, funny script about finding and cherishing our eccentricities.  I'm playing a really funny role of an old truck driver-type who does drag -- badly.  It's brand new territory for me.

Autumn 2018

I'm very excited that, in addition to ongoing classes with Cameron Watson and

Allen Levin at Lifebook Acting Academy, I'll also be studying at Lesly Kahn and Company.  It's a terrific school and I'm mightily impressed with the teachers and curriculum.  

For information about Lesly Kahn and company:

Summer 2017

I'm particularly proud of this production.  A classic, and one of the most complex (some might argue convoluted) philosophical treatises of modern theater.  I alternate between playing the leading role of The Father and the smaller, funnier role of the Leading Actor. 

After three years on the waiting list, I finally got into Cameron Watson's acting class. He's a wonderful teacher, and I hope to continue studying with him for a very long time.

For more about Cameron:

Spring 2017

I've started improvisation classes at Upright Citizens Brigade.  I like these guys and am very happy to be here.  It's been over 20 years since I studied at Groundlings, and it's good to be stretching my improv. muscles again.


For more about UCB classes:

Autumn 2016

I am really a lucky guy!  I'm taking an "Improvisation for Characterization" class with one of my favorite actors, Stephen Tobolowsky Stephen has been called The busiest actor in Hollywood by the New York Times, and he's also an author and has the popular podcast, the "Tobolowsky Files."  He's one of the most interesting people I've ever met, and I could listen to him for hours.

For more about Stephen Tobolowlowsky: 

The class is offered through Kalmenson and Kalmenson -- a terrific school for voice over.  I've taken many classes here, and never been less than impressed with the quality of both the curriculum and the teachers.

For more about Kalmenson & Kalmenson:

Creep LA's production of "Entry."  A totally immersive piece on the order of "Speak No More," the hit production that has played to wide acclaim in London and New York.  I'm having the most fun a person can have with his/her pants on! 


For tickets:

Summer 2016

I'm delighted and honored to have signed with a new talent agency -- Commercials Unlimited  Many thanks to the wonderful Jill Alexander for her advice and support.

I'm very proud to have been chosen to appear in my second Lifebook Acting Academy 30/60 actor showcase. I'll be doing a super-creepy monologue.  

Spring 2016

Will be getting out my musical saw and perform with my good friends Danette Christine, Anny Celsi, Janice Mautner Markham and others on June 14 at  Molly Malone's Irish Pub, in a birthday tribute to composer Harry Nilsson (Lime in the Coconut and Everybody's Talking). 


Details at:

So happy to be a part of comedian/actor Dan Frischman's comedy "Sex, Faith and Jason Wexler.  It's a wonderful script -- very wise and insightful, and I love working with the cast and crew.  Looking forward to it. 

(You might remember our author/director Dan Frischman from his role as Arvin on "Head of the Class.")

"...Bill Bingham conveys a fatherly strength to his portrayal of Deacon Bob, as he ever so diplomatically tries to figure out the importance of Jason's Judaism to Jason and, in turn, its significance to Jason and Faith's potential marital relationship." 

                      -- Gil Kaan for Broadway  Feb. 27, 2016

I've just started a new on-camera commercial workshop with the wonderful Jill Alexander She is phenomenal.  You'll recognize Jill from "Silicon Valley," "Mad Men" and every commercial ever made.  Her insights into the industry are astute, and her teaching comes from a good place -- she likes helping actors.  She also gets my vote as nicest person in show business.


For more about Jill:

Summer 2015

Lifebook Acting Academy sponsors one or two actor showcases a year.  I'm very lucky to be included with my Gilligan's Island monologue.  It's a funny bit.

Autumn 2014

Very pleased to be studying with Allen Levin at Lifebook Acting Academy.  Allen is a tremendously insightful and perceptive coach who has created a terrific community of talented students. It is a wonderful and supportive fellowship of actors.  I can't say enough good things about Lifebook.

For about Lifebook Acting Academy:


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